democracy and human rights

We defend human rights and promote the construction of collective knowledge and debate about the experiences of the lefts of the past and present; its role and the challenges facing the rise of extreme rights.

We promote articulations to address authoritarianism, militarization and criminalization, dispossession, discriminatory practices and social and economic inequalities. And we underpin the alternatives and counter-strategies that arise from social movements in the region.

From the territories, we support resistance to institutional repression and the criminalization of children and youth; the defense of the right to the city and housing; and communication and popular training strategies that promote critical and emancipatory reflection-action.

We believe it is essential to bring into play the political, organizational and interpellation strengths of the feminist movement, knowledge of the territories of grassroots organizations, the organizational flow of trade unionism and the experience of struggle of the historic human rights organizations that fight and fight for democracy.

  • Apuntes sobre continuidades y prórrogas de distintos subsistemas de vigilancia y castigo cuyas cañerías normativas conectan con la dictadura cívico militar (1973-1984)...

  • El Informe anual de SERPAJ fue presentado el jueves 14 de diciembre en el Teatro Solis (Montevideo, Uruguay). ...