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What does it mean for South Africa?

It further narrows the possibilities for alternative and more sustainable systems to be supported, such as agroecology, according to the African Centre for Biodiversity

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socio-ecological transformation

We wish to encourage interested readers to think about renewables and to motivate civil society activists and politicians to review their way of thinking in the field of energy politics

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The politics of the Bolsheviks in October 1917 split Russia's left, then Europe, and finally the world. The effects are still felt today. Lenin's legacy cannot be rejected, but it also cannot be accepted

Michael Brie

11 fact booklets about global trade policies

Big trade agreements have often been understood as substitutes for the stalled WTO negotiations. What should we do against the next neoliberal moves? To understand all this, we need to look back to the history of global trade negotiations

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The international steam coal market until 2030

And while their analysis focused on Colombia, they are quite explicit in reminding us that their findings are also relevant for other "developing" or "emerging" economies that rely on fossil fuel extraction

Roman Mendelvitch, Pao-Yu Oei

On 12 December 2015, at 7:26 pm, Laurent Fabius banged his gavel – and cheers broke out at the Le Bourget congress centre near Paris. Thousands of people embraced each other, laughed, took photos and applauded for minutes on end. After two weeks of dramatic


The closest commentator that the contemporary United States has to Mark Twain, satirist and television host Bill Maher, surveyed the sorry state of American politics midway through the 2016 election season and declared, “Our system sucks. The Constitution needs a Page One rewrite”

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