Internationalist feminisms

Newsletter 12/2020

Feminists around the world are fighting for their right on (bodily) autonomy.

The Green Wave in Argentina

Verónica Gago, of the Ni Una Menos collective interviews Martha Rosenberg, psychoanalyst and longtime feminist activist who had been fundamental in the campaign since its beginnings.

Verónica Gago

Feminism and Corona

Shedding light on the myriad of experiences of women and their work to mobilize, resist, and foster solidarity in times of COVID-19, this dossier brings together female activists based and active in countries of the Global South.


Feminist practices in conversation

A debate on what a feminist internationalism can look like - with contrubutions from Uruguay, Senegal, Germany, the U.S. and India.


10 perspectives on contemporary feminism

A publication with perspectives brought together on the workshop "Feminist Encounters" at the Feminist Futures Festival in autumn 2019 in Essen, Germany

Various authors