#Latin America

Rural Migrants

A journey to people who have neither voice nor workers' rights, and who suffer from conditions that predate the current pandemic.

Fernando Ruffa

Agricultural Colonies

"Why is it such a deep taboo to discuss agrarian reform; to talk about land in Argentina?" asks Rosalía Pellegrini of the Unión de Trabajadorxs de la Tierra (The Union for Land workers, UTT).

Facundo Cuesta

Views from the South

"When we promote transparency about EU-Mercosur, explaining the consequences of th vampire treaties, they are doomed".

Verónica Ocvirk

A neocolonial project

In light of the obvious systemic crisis, the top priority for both Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron is now saving the neoliberal EU.

Gerhard Dilger

León Gieco & Roger Waters

Ramona Medina from RLS partner La Garganta Poderosa, who had denounced the lack of water in Villa 31 in early May, died weeks later. Two musical homages.

Gerhard Dilger