Feminismos Internacionalistas

In recent years, feminist movements have become a strong and diverse transnational force that is challenging right-wing populism as well as authoritarian neoliberalism. They are coordinating the international feminist strikes on March 8 and generating other, ongoing spaces for dialogue and exchange across national borders.

This doesn’t mean making abstractions or generalizations from local differences. On the contrary, it seeks to paint a more complete picture of the interlocking systems of oppression, on which the global capitalist market is based, and to find common ground between struggles. In this way, feminist movements simultaneously act both locally and transnationally, deconstructing traditional ideas of what internationalism should look like, enacting a new form of internationalism based on creating everyday connections between situated struggles.

We accompany the construction of those transnational feminist networks that have a left, intersectional, antipatriarchal, anticapitalist and socio-ecological perspective, which are strongly rooted in the Global South. That accompaniment also includes the promotion of platforms for dialogue with more traditional actors and institutions, as well as strengthening and expanding the networks and coordination between movements, in order to build radical democratic systems that put our collective well-being at the center.


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Is it possible to construct an LGBTQI+ memory of state terrorism in Argentina? We interviewed Cristian Prieto, a journalist, activist, and researcher about LGBTQI+ disappeared during the last military dictatorship.

Juliana Díaz Lozano

Audiovisual series

Los Innombrables is an audiovisual series in Spanish about conservative perspectives that have spread in Latin America in recent years that oppose the expansion of rights for women and diverse sexualities. It was produced by the RLS Ecuador office.

RLS Ecuador


Aravani Art Project is an art collective led by trans and cis women in India that aims to strengthen the visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community. Its promoters explain what the project is about, which uses street art to denounce gender-based violence and postulate the struggle

Juliana Díaz Lozano


Ecofeminisms show the way to project a world with a future. Its different currents, contributions, and debates show us that human beings are interdependent and ecodependent.


Depatriarchalization of energy? Reflections on energy self-determination from the perspective of grassroots feminisms from Chile for a post-extractivist transition.

Francisca Fernández Droguett

Instagram profile

Feminists in Institutions We cultivate feminist and antiracist experiences in politics. We are Seeds of Resistance. We are here to change everything. Visit our Seeds of Resistance IG profile.

RLS ConoSur

Strategies and mechanisms to promote women workers' participation in trade unions.

Jimena Frankel, Julia Campos, Mariana Campos


Interview with the organization Casa Fem from Asunción/Paraguay, on organizing against a violent state

Casa Fem