As a German internationalist organization, one of our tasks is to contribute to debates beyond the Southern Cone, from an anticolonial and decolonizing perspective. America will only be sovereign when it emancipates itself from submission to international capital, as expressed, for example, in the so-called free trade agreements.

Likewise, it is about recovering the stories of the multiple anti-colonial resistance from below, those of the original peoples, the African-American peoples or of militants and democratic, socialist and anarchist organizations. The network of the 25 international offices of the Foundation can be a powerful tool to promote solidarity exchange and contribute to the necessary changes.



Chileans are not only concerned about the costs of the resulting crisis in terms of lives, jobs, and small enterprises. With the large declines of the global financial markets, their pensions are also at stake.

Countering corporate dominance

How the EU plans to entrench and institutionalize Investor-State Dispute Settlement

CIEL, Seattle To Brussels network and RLF


For the first time in nearly fifty years, genuine left, popular forces reestablished themselves on the electoral landscape, threatening the power of the bipartisan duopoly that has dominated Chile’s post-Pinochet democracy

René Rojas

The failure of German climate policy

Germany is by no means an ecological pioneer or a champion of climate protection. This is a country whose wealth is based on a both socially and environmentally highly destructive economic model

Tobias Haas