The Legacy

More than 42 billion Brazilian reais were spent on a 30-day event. For the residents of the city, was it worth it? Does a legacy exist? If so, for whom?



TiSA is in fact aimed at freeing corporations providing transnational services from what they view as burdensome and needlessly differing national and local regulations. The agreement is also designed to pry open public services to commercial involvement

Scott Sinclair

false solutions to global warming

Acre is specifically highlighted in current proposals as the first tropical forest state with which California plans to “link” its carbon market

Gary Graham Hughes

Corbyn recites Shelley

"Rise like lions after slumber/ In unvanquishable number/ Shake your chains to earth like dew/ Which in sleep had fallen on you/ You are many, they are few!"

Jeremy Corbyn

Austerity Imposed

Whereas Greece had been regarded by the German public as an idyllic holiday destination, overnight it became a crisis-ridden country full of artful dodgers and creative accountants that attracted torrents of derision, polemics and rancour from German politicians and media

Axel Troost

Farewell to a friend and comrade

His never flinching energy, his untiring enthusiasm were characteristic. It is an understatement to say he never stopped working, he never counted the hours. Never ever did he stop acting, till just a couple of hours before the end … for the very first time


There is an emergent climate justice movement that insists on putting those who are most affected by climate change first and that brings together communities on the frontlines of resistance with indigenous people, environmentalists, trade unionists, and so many others

James P. Hare

What does it mean for South Africa?

It further narrows the possibilities for alternative and more sustainable systems to be supported, such as agroecology, according to the African Centre for Biodiversity

RLF Johannesburg

socio-ecological transformation

We wish to encourage interested readers to think about renewables and to motivate civil society activists and politicians to review their way of thinking in the field of energy politics

Nadja Charaby


The politics of the Bolsheviks in October 1917 split Russia's left, then Europe, and finally the world. The effects are still felt today. Lenin's legacy cannot be rejected, but it also cannot be accepted

Michael Brie