The scope of the feminist tide lies in the conviction that no social transformation project can move forward without feminism. The feminist movement is present in the region as a democratizing force that puts conservative neoliberalism in tension. It also gave important impulses for a strong feminist internationalism, that is coordinating the international feminist strikes on March 8 and generating other, ongoing spaces for dialogue and exchange across national borders.

That is why we accompany the construction of popular, plurinational and anti-racist feminisms – in the region as well as on a global level; feminisms that make visible the relationship between the struggles of women, lesbians, travesties, trans and


non-binary people, the defense of territories and the criticism of the accumulation model. We configure a political strategy that links the multiple forms of violence against feminized bodies, with indebtedness and extractivism.

We promote alternatives and political education from queer-/feminisms, together with feminist collectives, women and sexual dissidents, territorial, peasant and indigenous organizations, unions and experiences of the popular economy. We accompany the construction of transnational feminist networks that have a left, intersectional, antipatriarchal, anticapitalist and socio-ecological perspective, which are strongly rooted in the Global South.



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