trade unionism and the world of work

From a perspective of strengthening the strategic capacity of the working class, we intervene on the complex and changing world of work. We start from class antagonism as a general articulator and recognizing the various organizational expressions, which is why we link with formal unions, feminist trade unions, organizations of the popular economy and unemployed workers, recovered and cooperative factories, academic units and programs, NGOs and others.

We support efforts to characterize the current world of work; processes that deepen democratization and political participation within trade union organizations, and the defense and expansion of the collective rights of the class as a whole. We focus on supporting the formulation of proposals – from, for and for the workers – both in the context of the world of work itself, and in cross-cutting articulation with feminism, socio-ecological transitions, etc.

We encourage debates about the role and strategies of trade unionism, the formulation of alternatives to the accumulation model and its articulation to fair socio-ecological transition paths. Also the defense of the strategies of reproduction of the working class, such as pension and retirement systems, wages for domestic work, etc.



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