TAKING OVER – The occupation of the Congresses in Puebla and Quintana Roo, Mexico


Abortion rights have always been highly restricted in Mexico as well. Abortion is only legal in two (Mexico City and Oaxaca) out of the 32 states. Witnessing a rise in clandestine and insecure abortions during the pandemic, feminist and transfeminist groups have decided to increase the pressure behind their demands for abortion rights. In the context of November 25, the international day for the elimination of gender-based violence, activists in the states of Puebla and Quinta Roo started occupying their respective local Congresses. In Puebla, they demand not only that the debate on abortion take place in their state and the country as a whole, but also investigation into cases of forced sterilization of Indigenous and poor women. Moreover, they call for the legal recognition of trans women and men’s gender identity, greater funding for fighting against gender-based violence and a law prohibiting the gender pay gap. As of yet, there has been no deal about when the topic of abortion could be debated in Congress, but the activists are holding up.

Listen to their own voices (only in Spanish): CONVERSATORIO con Feministas 4T. La toma feminista del Congreso de Puebla y Quintana Roo: https://fb.watch/2lUrbQfzoW/

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