Feminists in Institutions: Visit Seeds of Resistance!

We cultivate feminist and antiracist experiences in politics. We open up interstices in institutions. We question institutions and read them against the grain. We unite and enter institutions in order to dispute and transform them. We are one and we are all of us, women and sexual dissidents. We are internationalist and untiring. We fight and resist sexisms and fascisms, while always seeking to construct new collective horizons. We are Seeds of Resistance. No terrain is foreign to us, we are here to stay, we are here to change everything.

The Seeds of Resistance profile emerges from the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation’s “Feminist Perspectives toward Institutions” Project. For over two years, this project has promoted a space of articulation between feminist activists and organizations whose political articulation reaches institutions, seeking to gain access to them and remain in them, but also to change their rules of the game. There are experiences from different countries of fighting against patriarchal politics or of the “depatriarchalization” of politics led by women – many of whom are Black, Indigenous, and/or trans – that debate and act in order to democratize institutions and invent new forms of political action that correspond to our realities. In this context, it is time to bring together and deepen the isolated debates about women and sexual dissidents’ access to institutions and feminist visions of institutional politics. What does a feminist approach to institutions consist of? How do we cultivate practices that are antiracist and respectful of sexual dissidences? What type of power do we want to build? How do we do so?

We are convinced that work with women and sexual dissidents committed to feminist, grassroots, and antiracist processes is the way forward to create other narratives that allow for connecting social movements with institutional power. “Seeds of resistance” compiles and shares these experiences, people, and collectives in order to amplify and articulate, with hope placed in the construction of international support and working networks to transform society.