Atlas of the Food Systems of the Southern Cone

The Atlas of the Food Systems of the Southern Cone was built from the active participation of the popular and peasant movements of the Southern Cone. The document presents not only a comprehensive analysis of the food crisis in the region, but also alternatives to overcome this crisis and build Food Sovereignty.

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay share a contradictory reality: although they have favorable conditions for peasant production, they cannot feed their populations in an adequate and healthy way. Faced with this, we wanted to show the historical experiences of resistance and the diverse practices of solidarity strengthened during the pandemic. It is a set of initiatives that point to another model of social organization, guaranteeing the food sovereignty of the populations of the region.

What we present here is a selection of articles translated into English.  The first chapter deals with poverty, hunger and food prices in the Southern Cone, a situation that has only worsened in recent years in the five countries included in the Atlas. Below, we share two chapters with alternatives of peasant movements for access to land, water, seeds, as well as to markets and fair trade circuits.

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Complete atlas in Spanish.