Gas leaks, oil spills (the most recent being this past February) are now commonplace. The people here point out the conspicuous absence of the employees of the province's Environment Ministry.

Nancy Piñero

Indigenous People in Brazil’s Amazon

An "innovative legal process" in Brazil: "Their culture has been attacked, a colonial practice whose objective is domination and the destruction of a culture, which is a complex and dynamic whole"

Mario Osava

Saskia Sassen in Athens - the interview

Saskia Sassen was in Athens on June 8th 2015 to deliver a lecture about Europe's future and the pattern of "Financializing" and austerity politics which Greece is a part of. The lecture was the first of the series of lectures #RethinkingEurope.

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung - Office in Greece


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a comprehensive free trade and investment treaty currently being negotiated – in secret – between the European Union and the USA. A charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy.

John Hilary

The Answer is DEMOCRACY

To authoritarianism and harsh austerity, we will respond with democracy, calmly and decisively.

Alexis Tsipras

Mexican activists in São Paulo

The Caravana 43 has crossed through Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. In each of their appearances, they begin by situating their struggle to find the 43 forcibly disappeared students in the context of a systematic effort in Mexico to normalize violence against indigenous people, campesinos, activists

Armando Carmona

This booklet delivers facts and arguments why TTIP is threat not only for the EU and the US, but for the whole world. Ultimately TTIP would serve as an instrument to the economic and political elites of the West to maintain their hegemonic power and

Working paper by Manuel Pérez-Rocha

The main goal of the TTIP treaty currently being negotiated in secret between the EU and the USA is to remove regulatory "barriers" which restrict the potential profits to be made by transnational corporations on both sides of the Atlantic. The "barriers" are in reality

John Hilary

Approximation between Cuba and the US

It was a real sensation: On 17 December 2014, when the heads of state of Cuba and the United States announced their intention to normalize relations between the two states, which had been frozen for over a half century, the global public reacted with surprise.

William M. LeoGrande and Jenny Morín Nenoff