What Care to Confront Global Corporate Power?

Tuesday, 16.11.2021

2pm Argentina/Brazil, 5pm United Kingdom, 6pm Spanish State/Germany
Interpretation in English, Portuguese, Spanish and German

Care… That word that not so long ago hardly anyone used and that is now on so many mouths. Care is spoken about in social movements and institutions – even companies are talking about care! People talk about care systems, global alliance for care, of putting care at the centre… But, what do we each mean by “care”? In this conversation we will share how feminisms in different territories are approaching «care». We will ask ourselves to what extent this approach confronts the capital-life conflict, and to what extent it is committed to the sustainability of life, to the sovereignty of the body-time-territory, and to the construction of community.

From Abya Yala, Gina Afonso (Cuba) and Elsa Jiménez (Mexico) will feed the debate, and from Europe, Alba Artiaga Leiras (Spain) and Alex Wischnewski (Germany). In order to have a truly global conversation, we will have simultaneous translation in Portuguese, Spanish, English and German.

Registration necessary: https://t.co/QIvIEO9OXM