«If our lives don´t matter, produce without us»

A Feminist Perspective on Economic Violence

Wednesday, November 17, 7:30-9:00 p.m. Sri Lanka- India / 3:00-4:30 p.m. in Germany / 11-12:30 hs. Argentina-Chile.

Links: English on youtube and Spanish on facebook.

In the run up to the International Day of Struggle for the Elimination of Sexist Violence, we invite you to a book presentation and debate on the connection between economics and violence from the perspective of feminist movements and theory from the Global South. As the different forms of violence are not isolated events, but rather a global phenomenon, thinking about feminist alternatives should have this international dimension as well.

We will talk with the authors from Argentina and also with two guests:

Kumudini Samuel is a member of the DAWN Executive Committee, she is from Sri Lanka, co-author of the recent book The Political Economy of Conflict and Violence Against Women.

Karina Nohales is a member of the “Coordinadora feminista 8M”, organizing force behind the feminist general strikes, and former candidate for the Constituent Assembly of Chile.

Organized by: Global Feminism Program- Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and DAWN- Development alternatives with women for a new era



Book available online:

Portuguese: https://rosalux-ba.org/pt-br/2021/10/20/se-nossas-vidas-nao-valem-entao-produzam-sem-nos/

English: https://rosalux-ba.org/en/2021/06/25/if-our-lives-dont-matter-produce-without-us/

Spanish: https://violencia-economica.rosalux-ba.org/una-mirada-feminista-sobre-la-violencia-economica/

German: https://rosalux-ba.org/de/2021/05/19/oekonomische-gewalt/